Family Law

We understand how stressful family issues can be – at Burgess Law Firm, we offer a wide range of representation so that we can cover every area of family law. The most common family law issues arise in the following areas:


Although you can represent yourself in what you consider a simple, uncontested divorce, several issues may complicate the process unless you hire a skilled attorney that has years of experience in the field. Under Arkansas Law, you cannot get a divorce without having some sort of “grounds.” These include many different situations, but the primary grounds for divorce in Arkansas is general indignities. General indignities involves more than just not getting along – it must rise to a certain level for a Court to grant the divorce. Contact an experienced divorce attorney at the Burgess Law Firm so that you can stop worrying about all of the nuances that come with a divorce!

Child Custody

Whether it be with an initial divorce proceeding, paternity action, or a child custody modification, the Burgess Law Firm knows precisely how to navigate through the process to fight for your children and your family. These cases typically involve more emotion than any of our other cases, and it goes without saying why. The Burgess Law Firm knows the importance and significance of custody cases and will diligently give you the representation you deserve.


Adoptions in Arkansas can happen in several different contexts. Needless to say, this is another area of the law that having an attorney is essential to make sure that all proper steps are taken. A mishap on just one step could nullify your adoption and be very costly to correct. At the Burgess Law Firm, we can ensure you that all of the proper and necessary steps are taken to make your adoption quick, easy, and official. Please contact us today for us to help you add to your family!

Support Issues

Of course, at the crux of every child custody dispute comes the support issues. Support in Arkansas is actually in the process of undergoing several important changes – you won’t simply be able to look at a chart to determine it after the new laws go into effect. Because of this, we highly recommend hiring an experienced attorney to help you get the correct support order by the Court.


Currently, under Arkansas law, a child born out of wedlock is considered to be in the custody of just the mother. Father’s need to act swiftly to file paternity actions in Arkansas for any child that might be yours – a year without communicating with the child or supporting the child might be grounds to terminate your parental rights. Without a paternity action, you have very limited rights to your child. Please contact us immediately so that we can get a Court to enter an order determining your rights!